Corporate Social Responsibility

Every company is a living organism and thus an integral part of the social and natural communities it finds itself in

Whether in a social, financial or environmental context, a company is a citizen with all of the rights and obligations that come with the part. Our attitude and way of doing business leaves a very large footprint on all surrounding areas. In the case of large companies like Agroinvest, the social network impacted is vast and so it is very important for us to always act with excellence. We are glad to give back to our community and actively support it however we can.

Agroinvest’s multi-faceted activities create a large surrounding ecosystem. This includes regional suppliers, subcontractors and adjacent businesses, as well as nationwide farmers, clients and other partners. We are the largest contractor of energy crops in Greece, thus providing thousands of farmers with a steady income each year.

Our social responsibility starts with our employees, the environment we create for them and the values that we impart in them. When a company treats its employees with respect and creates a safe working environment of meritocracy, then excellence spreads beyond its strict limits. Agroinvest constantly educates and offers high quality training to its employees, significantly enriching their skillsets in various trades and new technologies.