Products: Animal & Compound Feed

Agroinvest creates the foundation
upon which livestock farmers can
build a flourishing business

We provide complete feeding solutions for every type of livestock farm

Agroinvest is a leading agricultural raw material trader and oilseed processor in SE Europe. Being a major producer and trader of protein meals puts us in a unique position to fuel our compound feed department and offer a full range of exceptional products.

We offer the following compound feed products:

  • protein meals (also available in pellets): Sunflower meal, Soybean meal, Rapeseed meal, Cottonseed meal
  • complete feed for Pork
  • complete feed for Poultry
    • turkey fattening
    • meat production chickens
    • egg production chickens
    • game
  • complete feed for Rabbits
  • complementary feed for Ruminants
    • lamb & goat fattening
    • dairy production sheep & goats
    • calf fattening
    • dairy production cows